Is Google a Media Company?

From the New York Times, “Is Google a Media Company?” by Miguel Helft” (11 August 2008).

This is easy. Two quick things…

1 – First and foremost Google is a publicly traded company. It’s #1 job is to maximize shareholder value. It can say what it wants but that is going to drive it is its actions. Google understands that the playing field is in constant flux. It is constantly repositioning its efforts with a view that is beyond one quarter to the next.

2 – In the print edition this article was on the front page of the biz section. What continues to be more amazing than Google’s share price is their PR machine. They get so much free press that one has to wonder if they even have an ad budget. It’s Google this. And Google that. Yes, it’s a great and powerful company but sometimes the depth of the coverage seems out of proportion to the matter at hand.

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