Unintelligent design?

I was speaking with some colleagues late last week about a meeting they sat in on with a (potential) new client. The client was planning to launch a new brand. “The what” (that the brand does or sells) has been omitted here to protect the innocent. Okay, let’s play ball! AU style… – My colleagues […]

Today is list day at AU – List #1

This one is yanked out of From the Publisher Section of CIO Mag (www.CIO.com, Sept 2008). Look in the Mirror by Gary Beach. The article is about Mr Beach’s thoughts on what makes a good tech sales person (but the majority of these apply to just about everyone. Both professionally and personally.) 10 – Understand […]

Today is list day at AU – List #2

From the Sunday paper insert rag Parade (www.Parade.com) of all places. Yeah, *that* Parade. “The Secrets of America’s Great Presidents” by Doris Keans Goodwin. Here’s a run down of secrets but read the article, there are anecdotes with each that are very insightful. Here are Ms. Goodwin’s 10 attributes that have distinguished great Presidents: 1 […]

Live by the search. Die by the search.

When it comes to successful web sites there’s no doubt that search is important. However, one needs to be careful not to build a business model that puts too many eggs in basket. Especially when you don’t have control over that basket. Especially when you don’t really know what’s inside the black box in basket. […]

Prevention is the best way. Yes it is.

Strike up another vote for being proactive. No pun intended. Please invest the 2 minutes in: “Prevention Is The Best Way” by Richard Carmona. Unfortunately, if this whole Wall Street mess is any indication, we seem destined to continue to be a society of Management By Crisis (MBC). At this rate one has to wonder […]

Made to Stick. Not.

In Sunday’s The New York Times Magazine (21 Sept 2008) was a Questions For with Mr Charles Murray (as interviewed by Deborah Solomon). Murray wrote “The Bell Curve” back in 1994 and has a new book out called “Real Education.” In short, this guy has issues. Marketing issues to be exact. He might be right, […]

Gimmicks are no substitute for having a company / brand that matters

“Rewards That Reward” by Lars Meyer-Waarden and Christophe Benavent is a fairly insightful overview of what are commonly called customer-loyalty programs. “Rewards That Reward” was mentioned in an article in the WSJ print version but for some reason it’s not (yet?) on the WSJ web site. That’s certainly disappointing to say the least. Luckily it […]

Web 2.0 Expo > Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (http://aws.amazon.com) has been around for over a couple years now. At this point you’d have to be pretty far out of the technology loop to not have heard of cloud computing, computing in the cloud, etc. There have been countless articles on cloud computing and how it can reduce costs, streamline organizations, […]

Web 2.0 Expo > SynthaSite.com

UPDATE: Monique V from SynthaSite checked in and did mention they do have some design templates that allow the header to be customized. She added that it’s not obvious which ones those are but that they are working on resolving that. Hey, at least they’re open minded as well as responsive. Popped into NYC to […]

How Comcast is making Verizon’s move to fiber even more genius

Full disclosure, I don’t like Comcast. At all. One of the worst customer service experiences in my life was with Comcast. Given the choice between Comcast and the Titanic, I’d take my chances on the Titanic. With that said… “Comcast Treats Lightly” by Don Sweeting (Video Business Magazine, www.VideoBusiness.com, 8 Sept 2008). Btw, Don also […]

The definition of organic search is going to change

Great one… “I’m So Totally, Digitally Close To You” by Clive Thompson (The New York Times Magazine, 7 Sept 2008) About three-quarters of the way in you’ll find: “Laura Fitton, a social-media consultant who has become a minor celebrity on Twitter — she has more than 5,300 followers — recently discovered to her horror that […]

The future of software and therefore the future of business

“Embracing The Software Service Economy” (www.CIOInsight.com, August 2008)  is an (edited and condensed) interview of Mr. Timothy Chou as given by Paula Klein. Regardless of what side of screen / browser you sit on it’s hard to imagine a business that isn’t directly or even indirectly impacted by software in some way. In a few […]

Xerox’s CEO Anne Mulcahy words of wisdom

From the 1 September 2008 issue of Computer World (www.ComputerWorld.com) Don Tennant does a interview of Ms. Mulcahy that’s worth checking. To read the complete interview click here. Btw, Mr Tennant is Computer World’s editor and writes a great blog with a pretty broad perspective . It’s not just techie computer stuff. Don’s insights can […]

When will they learn? (Best Buy to buy Napster)

“Best Buy To Buy Napster” by Joseph Palenchar, TWICE (www.TWICE.com) on Monday 15 Sept 2008. With all do respect to (the long gone) Shawn Fanning, as well as to the powerhouse Best Buy… Has the Napster brand ever made money? What could Napster possibly have that Best Buy can’t buy elsewhere without all the baggage? […]

Life isn’t fair (unless you work on Wall Street)

It’s all over the news, another one of Wall Street’s (alleged) finest is down on their luck. And apparently luck is the key word here for Lehman Brothers and the like. For one of the many NY Times stories please click here. Can someone please explain to us how in the best of times these […]

From “Ah ha!” to “Oh no!”

“Evolution from Without” by Denis Pombriant (CRM Magazine, Sept 2008) “Data: A Flashlight to Sales Innovation” by Lareina Yee, Tom Stephenson, Eric Kutcher (CRM Magazine, Sept 2008) Get the ideas, and then figure out ways to see if they work.  But don’t stop there because yesterday’s “ah ha!” is tomorrow’s “oh no!”

Dot? Period? Yawn!

This is a copy of the letter that was inserted in with the WJS this past Saturday. Please give it a read and then we’ll follow with some analysis. August 30, 2008 Dear Wall Street Journal Reader: On Saturday, September 6, you will receive a new magazine from the Journal, appropriately called WSJ. – the […]