Today is list day at AU – List #2

From the Sunday paper insert rag Parade ( of all places. Yeah, *that* Parade. “The Secrets of America’s Great Presidents” by Doris Keans Goodwin. Here’s a run down of secrets but read the article, there are anecdotes with each that are very insightful.

Here are Ms. Goodwin’s 10 attributes that have distinguished great Presidents:

1 – The courage to stay strong
2 – Self-confidence
3 – An ability to learn from errors
4 – A willingness to change
5 – Emotional intelligence
6 – Self-control
7 – A popular touch
8 – A moral compass
9 – A capacity to relax
10 – A gift for inspiring others

(Btw, the list doesn’t appear to be in any particular order.)

Obviously, much like the other list today, many of these can be applied to all of us on a daily basis. More healthy food for thought for your AU state of mind.

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