Building the right team

“5 Things I’ve Learned” By Linus Torvalds, as told to Steven Vaughan-Nichols (CIO Mag, 15 Oct 2008). Once you click through don’t let the full title scare you, these guidelines apply to more than just software development. That’s why we felt this single pager was worth sharing. For those who don’t know, Linus Torvalds is […]

Someone somewhere is always looking to make a buck

Got an idea? Looking to grow your biz? Need some money to make it happen? You’re going to want to breeze through these: “Likes Taking Risks, Profitable Returns” by Dan Fost (NY Times, Wed 1 Oct 2008). “Easy Money” on Sir Richard Branson’s new Virgin Money ( by Jessica Harris (FSB – Fortune Small Business, […]

Today is List Day at AU – Part #3

Spotted this quick little goodie on Men’s Health ( Like the Mark Cuban entry, this article sums up what makes Denver Broncos’ QB Jay Cutler tick. “Beat the Blizt” (written by Kyle Western). Here are Mr Cutler’s four simple principles of perseverance: – Understand the opposition – Grab your shot – Play above your pay […]

Mark Cuban makes more sense

Those of us who are honest will probably admit that the initial impression of Mark Cuban can best be described as a part of my anatomy that one doesn’t get to see without using a mirror. And we’re not talking about my tonsils. However, as time goes on Mr. Cuban seems to be one of […]

The better new days!

Baseline’s (, editor Eileen Feretic, via her Starting Point column titled, “The Good Old Days?” raises the flag for the slow moving biz masses and cleanly sums up how technology is not just a means to a line of business’ ends, but is now should be an integral part of those ends. The key quote […]

From clueless to unemployed

“Still Clueless” from Mr Gary Beach, Publisher Emeritus of CIO Magazine ( does a fantastic job summing up the current state of (corporate) marketing. It’s half a page so just dive right in. The irony is CIO isn’t even a marketing publication. Here’s Mr Beach saying what too many marketeers are afraid to admit – […]

A quickie – 3 fitness related articles (with a twist)

Please pardon the lack of these each getting full blown posting attention. “Coping (or Not) With Injuries In Training For Marathon” by Gina Kolata (NY Times, Sat 27 Sept 2008) “From Injury to the Olympics, Radcliffe Shares How She Made It Back” by Gina Kolata (NY Times, Sat 27 Sept 2008). The key bit is […]

A quick must-read for the sales & marketing types

Ya gotta love these little tidbits that pop up here & there. All meat, not fluffy over-analysis. “Free Samples Work, Now and Later” by Alex Mindlin (NY Times, Mon 6 Oct 2008).

“Closing the Innovation Gap”

The Grill: Judy Estrin (, late Sept 2008). To read the complete interview please click here. Great interview. Hardly a word wasted. What this interview brings to mind is that to most people innovation is really just a high class word for breaking the rules. Unfortunately, such a mind set scares a lot of people. […]

Burger… medium rare… cheddar… bacon on the side…

CRM Magazine ( posted another inspiring piece by Lior Arussy titled “Self-Service Is Just Less-Than-Full Service” (October 2008). Using the direct line we have to the big dogs at CRM Mag I plopped the email below on Josh Weinberger (Managing Editor). Yes, another inspiring piece from Lior Arussy, thanks. From my perspective the right answer […]

Service is in the eye of the beholder

“Self-Service Is Just Less-Than-Full Service” by Lior Arussy (CRM Magazine, Dec 2008, This article innspired this letter to Mr. Josh Weinberger & Co. over at CRM Mag: Yes, another inspiring piece from Lior Arussy, thanks. From my perspective the right answer is a bit more grey than it is black & white. First, the […]