A quickie – 3 fitness related articles (with a twist)

Please pardon the lack of these each getting full blown posting attention.

“Coping (or Not) With Injuries In Training For Marathon” by Gina Kolata (NY Times, Sat 27 Sept 2008)

“From Injury to the Olympics, Radcliffe Shares How She Made It Back” by Gina Kolata (NY Times, Sat 27 Sept 2008).

The key bit is in the first article and comes from Mr Chris Martin (who is not the Coldplay guy):

Martin, though, is not entirely won over. “The bottom line is that the water running and training on the elliptical running machines were stopgap measures to limit the damage to my running fitness,” he wrote.

What’s mentioned earlier in the article is that after getting injured Mr Martin pursued an alternate approach to training that was less damaging to his body. In short… He PB’ed in an Ironman triathlon. Yet he dismisses that method? Shouldn’t he be rejoicing that he’s found a better way? Instead he insists on the superiority of an approach that injured him. Huh? The Radcliffe article is also about a different approach due to injury that also proved to be pretty effective.

Bottom line… There are other ways to train (or market, or sell, or advertise, etc.) that don’t entail hurting yourself. Sooner or later the (macho?) 70’s mindset to (over) training is going to have to change. But as with most change, people are slow to grasp the obvious when they are blinded with routine, habit, addiction, etc.

While we’re on the subject of working out also see “How Powerful Is Your Workout” by Linda Baker (NY Times, Thur 25 Sept 2008). Pretty cool. Makes sense, right? Why waste that spent energy when it can be put to use? Every little bit counts.

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