From clueless to unemployed

“Still Clueless” from Mr Gary Beach, Publisher Emeritus of CIO Magazine ( does a fantastic job summing up the current state of (corporate) marketing. It’s half a page so just dive right in.

The irony is CIO isn’t even a marketing publication. Here’s Mr Beach saying what too many marketeers are afraid to admit – the days of spin are over. The customer is in control of the relationship. Bullsh*t them and they’re likely to go elsewhere. Mr Beach specifies that in order to be effective CIOs must meet with customers. But why stop at CIOs? Let’s go all the way. Every position within a company should be well aware of who’s money is behind the paychecks.

Next time you find yourself saying, “I don’t want to speak with customers,” then you might as well just say, “I would love nothing more than to go out of business.” If you don’t want to talk to the boss (i.e., the customer) then don’t expect the boss to “give you a bonus” the next time they’re handing out their hard earned dollars.

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