The better new days!

Baseline’s (, editor Eileen Feretic, via her Starting Point column titled, “The Good Old Days?” raises the flag for the slow moving biz masses and cleanly sums up how technology is not just a means to a line of business’ ends, but is now should be an integral part of those ends.

The key quote comes from Marriott’s CIO Carl Wilson,

“…we do not have technology projects. We have business initiatives that are shaped and enabled by technology.”

Somebody by this guy a beer. Now we know why they pay him the big bucks. If only more were so switched on.

The point that should be made is that Marriott’s approach, this state of mind if you will, doesn’t have to be limited to big enterprise sized companies and their solutions. As the barriers to entry for so many technologies drops the opportunities for “the little guy” increases. But you have to be looking. You have to be aware. You have to stop seeing your web site (for example) as just a web site. It’s a tool to enable you to better serve your customers. It isn’t about you, it’s about them. You can easily build a site that satisfies all your wants and still miss a good number of your customer’s needs and expectations. In fact, this happens all too often.

Bottom line… Before you engage a designer or a developer make sure you’ve done the necessary critical thinking and have clearly defined the needs – not just wants – of your customers and your business. Then if you engage someone and they only ask you about wants, and don’t focus on distilling needs just put the project on pause and find someone else. Anyone can design / develop a web site, the real question is can they design / develop the right web site for you?

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