The perfect gift: Words That Work

Now that it’s available in paperback there’s no excuse not to pick up “Words That Work (It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear)” by Dr Frank Luntz. Chapter 1 is a contemporary biz classic. While Dr Luntz’s primary theme of “It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear” might not be rocket science it can certainly be a life changer if you choose to apply it in your approach to communication.

This is certainly no substitute for reading the book but here are “The Ten Rules of Effective Language” from Chapter 1:

1 – Simplicity: Use Small Words
2 – Brevity: Use Short Sentences
3 – Credibility Is A Important As Philosophy
4 – Consistency Matters
5 – Novelty: Offer Something New
6 – Sound and Texture Matter
7 – Speak Aspirationally
8 – Visualize
9 – Ask A Question
10 – Provide Context and Explain Relevance

Good stuff, right? Also be sure to consume Chapter 12’s “Twenty-one Words and Phrases for the Twenty-first Century”. Let’s just hope you’ve been intrigued enough to buy the book or at least spend an hour or so at the library.

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