Death, taxes and the internet

“Members Want More With Faster-Paced Technology” By Gregory Florez (Fitness Business Pro Magazine, Dec 2008, Kudos to Mr Floroz! He gets it!! And he’s willing to share it!!! This brief article is jam packed with strokes of pull quote genius but let’s serve up this teaser:

Regardless of your philosophical leanings on this subject, one thing is certain: Your members are used to instant access — anywhere, anytime — and they want it quickly. I don’t imagine that this trend will slow down, and it certainly will not reverse itself. True, the always-on way in which we live — reducing our down time while increasing distraction — is a partial cause of many stress-related disorders. Regardless, your members are used to it, want more speed and likely will not settle for less.

Now before you dismiss this with a, “But I’m not in the fitness industry…” let’s point out:

– Looking to other industries is a great way to break your routine. It’s helps to find inspiration you’d normally miss. And by definition it immediately put you “outside the box.” Cliche or not, getting “outside the box” gives you perspective of what’s going on inside your box.

– A good exercise (no pun indented) would be to take out fitness industry and put in your own. The issue here is not only how you should always try to be figuring out what your guests want and need, but also how the internet is effecting guest expectations – both on and offline. That is the hidden story here.  You can ignore the fitness industry but you can’t ignore the internet.

– Most importantly, AU wouldn’t recommend it if it didn’t have universal appeal. Did you really think we’d waste your time? Of course not!

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