“You can have it done cheap, fast, or right. Pick two”

“Project management for networking geeks” by Greg Schaffer (Computer World Mag, 23 Feb 2009, ComputerWorld.com). The irony for this post is that Schaffer was trying to teach geek dogs new PM tricks, but his lesson was simple enough for it to be shared with all. Consider this a refresher course more that a new ground […]

Trading your privacy for Google freebies

Goggle this… Goggle that… Google. Google. Google. There is no doubt the new evil empire has a lot to offer. Here are two thorough articles to help you slash your way through the Goggle jungle. But be warned, you could end up traversing down a link to link to link blackhole. “Learning about Google via […]

“No one really likes change. Let’s call it improvement.”

Truth be told we’re all being forced to dig a little deeper and find inspiration. Thankfully this is exactly what the doctor ordered. “All I see is opportunity” by Denis Storey (Benefits Selling, March 2009, BenefitsSellingMag.com). The entire article is highly recommended but here are Wells Fagro’s Mr Tracy Dieterich’s 10 Steps Every Salesperson Should […]

Measure it. Manage it.

“The No-Stats All-Star” by Michael Lewis (NY Times Sunday Magazine, 13 Feb 2009).  Please pardon the cliche of using sport to discuss business, but this article was particularly interesting. On one hand there’s the element of statistics and using numbers to stud, evaluate and squeeze out that last ounce of victory. On the other, there’s […]

How will your book cover be judged?

“The Psychology of Web Design (and Putting It Into Practice)” by Peter Prestipino (Website Magazine, 5 Feb 2009). “Play.com Tops U.K. Customer Experience Survey” by Kevin Zimmerman (1to1Media.com, November / December 2008). A simple pairing to help enable you to be more guest-centric.

It’s not over til it’s over

“Five ways to make leads count” By Senior Market Advisor (Published 1 Feb 2009 in the Feb 2009 issue of Senior Market Advisor Magazine, Seniormarketadvisor.com).  Whether you think you’re in sales or not, you’re in sales. We’re all in sales. At the same time, we are all prospects / potential clients of someone else. Check […]

“Intelligent life”?

“What Are the Odds a Handy, Quotable Statistic Is Lying? Better Than Even” by Barry Gewen (New York Times, 3 Feb 2009). A must-read article on the new book by Michael Blastland and Andrew Dilnot, “The Numbers Game: The Commonsense Guide to Understanding Numbers in the News, Politics, and in Life.” In short, statistics are […]