“No one really likes change. Let’s call it improvement.”

Truth be told we’re all being forced to dig a little deeper and find inspiration. Thankfully this is exactly what the doctor ordered. “All I see is opportunity” by Denis Storey (Benefits Selling, March 2009, BenefitsSellingMag.com).

The entire article is highly recommended but here are Wells Fagro’s Mr Tracy Dieterich’s 10 Steps Every Salesperson Should Follow:

1 – It all starts with your attitude
2 – Have written goals
3 – Change yourself
4 – Hard work
5 – Set deadline
6 – BOR Letters
7 – Be willing to fail
8 – Give back
9 – Have fun
10 – Build a team

As is so often the case with these type of posts, anyone – on or off the clock – can benefit from Tracy’s list. Kudos Tracy! We gladly embrace your example.

p.s. Also take a moment to check¬† out (this one pager)¬† “Is honesty always the best policy?” by Dan Norman which is also in the same issue.

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