“You can have it done cheap, fast, or right. Pick two”

“Project management for networking geeks” by Greg Schaffer (Computer World Mag, 23 Feb 2009, ComputerWorld.com). The irony for this post is that Schaffer was trying to teach geek dogs new PM tricks, but his lesson was simple enough for it to be shared with all. Consider this a refresher course more that a new ground breaker. And who can disagree with the classic: “You can have it done cheap, fast, or right. Pick two”.

And while we’re on the topic of PM, “Excerpt: Agile Project Management” as pulled from Karen R.J. White’s “Agile Project Management: A Mandate for the 21st Century” as offered by Consulting Magazine (Jan / Feb 2009. ConsultingMag.com. In a nutshell agile is a buzz word for being prepared for things not to go as planned and responding to get things back on track.

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