Teach them to fish

“Has IT process standardization gone too far?” by Kathleen Melymula is actually a Q & A with M. Eric Johnson (Computer World, 9 March 2009). Mr Johnson and Joseph M. Hall have an article published in this month’s Harvard Business Review. Maybe you’d also like to check out “When Should a Process Be Art, Not Science?”

While “artistic” has a nice buzz word-esque ring to it better words might be: agile, pragmatic or versatile. The truth is, if your company / brand is truly guest-centric then it is no surprise to you that  having too much standardization is often counterproductive. To say nothing of the fact of how it might effect the morale of your co-workers. More companies would benefit from putting more effort into “standardizing” the (internal) perception of their vision. When everyone shares a vision making the right decisions for the right reasons becomes second nature. Unfortuately too often management would rather push memorization over actually growth and learning.

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