All privacy issues aside

10 Best Uses for RFID Tags by Mike Olson, Wired Magazine (, Issue 17.03, March 2009). Like it or not, RFID is coming. The questions – how to use it in new and innovative ways.

1) Accept and integrate RFID into the retail shopping experience by using them to trigger video and other images on large screen TVs around the store. Using RFID to help customers get more info about a product they’re interested in would also be a big plus.  It would be like taking the web experience and turning it into a real life experience.

2) Similar to the article’s mention of Clubs using it, what about ski resorts? Why are they still using those silly barcode scanners? Yes a liftie would still have to police the line but getting rid of that handheld scanner should free them up to actually attend to the wants / needs of the  guests.

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