M is for Marketing. M is for Moses.

“The Boomer Boom” by Christopher Musico (CRM Magazine, November 2008) comes this handy sidebar that somehow missed getting posted. The article is on “boomers” but the concepts of these ten are sound for all and deserved to be repeated and relayed – even if it is six months later. 10 Marketer Commandments When it comes […]

Can you tweet me now?

“Social Butterflies Can Raise Money” by Michele Donohue (The NonProfit Times, 1 April 2009).  It’s difficult to go a day without someone asking, “What about Twitter?” or “How can I use Facebook?”. True success stories do seem to be somewhat limited at this point in time. However, all hype aside, when an 800 pound guerrilla […]

When looking for “work”, get words to work for you

“Six Ways To Ruin Your Resume” by Greg Schaffer (Computer World, 13 April 2009). You may have already realized the AU state of mind often takes things from one box and furthers the use of those ideas by applying them to a situation in another box. In this instance, please shoehorn this article into the […]

In support of the AU “sweet spot”

“Brand Aid: Technology’s the Great Equalizer” exerts from an interview with Allen Adamson, author of “Brand Digital” (Consulting Magazine, March / April 2009). Full disclosure: We haven’t read Mr. Adamson’s book yet. However, if this interview is any indictation, we will be soon enough. Yes, yet another objective third party example supporting the importance of […]

Without guests there is no retail

“Wholesale Changes” by Eric Krell (Consulting Magazine, March / April 2009).  A fairly insightful article that was good enough to trigger this letter to the editor: Consulting Mag: The ill condition of retail is well known. However, there is a factor that was not directly mentioned (in the article) and we believe is essential to […]

The 6 Universal Truths of a Successful Project

“IT projects fail most often due to organizational issues” by Toni Bowers (22 April 2009, Career Management column, TechRepublic.com) Maybe this is stating the obvious but… 1) Properly defined goal(s) and an agreement of what defines success 2) Commitment / buy-in from all to #1 3) Ongoing communication 4) Setting and managing expectations 5) Accountability […]

Why a bigger we matters

“Think ‘We’ for Best Results” by Adam Bryant (New York Times, 18 April 2009) is an interview with Ms. Nell Minow. The topic is management and here are some of the highlights: “…if you can get everyone to agree what the goal is, and to identify themselves with the successful achievement of that goal, then […]

So much to read so little time

“Digital Darwinism” by Christopher Vollmer (Strategy + Business, Spring 2009) “Measuring Your Way to Market Insight” by Leslie H. Moeller and Edward C. Landry (Strategy + Business, Spring 2009) Pour yourself another cup of coffee because Booz & Company’s S + B is supplying plenty of sweet reading. While worth every word “Digital Darwinism” is […]

Learning lessons from a master

The House The Ogilvy Built by Kenneth Roman (Strategy + Business, Spring 2009) Great article! Not only was the advertising icon David Ogilvy a brilliant ad man, but his ideas on management were just as far reaching. Don’t miss this one.

Time for a tune-up

“New Leader Overhauls Ford Foundation” by Stephanie Strom (New York Times, 13 April 2009).  The Ford Foundation is $11 billion strong and actually the second-largest foundation in the country after the Gates Foundation. On one hand this is pseudo feel-good story. On the other it’s another lesson in the need for ongoing analysis, evolution, and […]

Stop whining and start wining

“Wine Online” by Daria Meoli (New York Enterprise Report Magazine, April 2009, NYReport.com) There is one word for the story of NJ liquor store owner Gary Vaynerchuk and his $50m per year (and growing) Wine Library… OMG. Conclusion: It’s not who you know. It’s not how many people you know. It’s not even what you […]

$1,000 and a dream

“5 Minutes With… Barbara Corcoran” as well as “5 More Minutes With. . . Barbara Corcoran” by Daria Meoli (The New York Enterprise Report, April 2009, NYReport.com). A two part interview – because we can all use a little more inspriation. The bit about her experiment with  “Hot Homes On Tape” is a particularly interesting […]

If the CIO fits then wear it

“How to Successfully Market IT” By Susan Cramm and “How CIOs Can Best Influence Stakeholders” from the CIO Executive Council (CIO Mag, 1 April 2009, CIO.com) Now before anyone jumps to conclusions such as, “Why should I read all this CIO stuff? I’m not a CIO.” Well, either are we – but that doesn’t mean […]

What came first, the speaker or the audience

“Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking” by Editor In Chief Maryfran Johnson (CIO Magazine, 1 April 2009, CIO.com) does a handy job at helping raise your public speaking game. She’s even goes bold and gets it right when she says, “It’s not about you.” However, we’d actually like to take that a step further and […]

To be the best, study the best

“Broker of the Year Finalists” by Denis Storey (Benefits Selling Magazine, 1 April 2009). The best of the best, sir. AU would like to recommend focusing on the thoughts of: – Ted Bosse – Steve Fallon – Lisa Martin Nothing new. No rocket science. Just simple fundamentals and the willingness to execute.  The irony is, […]

Let there be growth, and there was growth

“Thriving in the Downturn” Edited by Brett Nelson (Forbes Magazine, 13 April 13 2009) is actually a collection of six articles on six small business that are still going strong.  The common themes: they all seem to love what they do; they have niche and they’re well known (via word of mouth) within that niche; […]

Four of a kind

Here’s a series of highlights from the Spring 2009 issue of 1 to 1 Magazine (1to1media.com). Unfortunately, this site requires opening account to read some of the content. Since these article are all pretty brief they’ll be copy / pasted in below to save you the trouble. – “Winning Over Difficult Customers” by Kevin Zimmerman […]

Commit this story to your vision

“Wings Like Eagles” by Rich Karlgaard (Forbes, 13 April 2009. Forbes.com). Note: You’ll have to scroll down a bit to get to this part of Mr. Karlgaard’s “Digital Rules” column.  While mentioning / reviewing a new book on the battle of Britain (“With Wings Like Eagles” by Michael Korda, Harper, $25.99) Rich says: The British managed […]

I geek therefore I am?

“25 highly anticipated open-source releases coming this year” by Esther Schindler (Computer World Magazine, 4 April 2009). This post might be far too geeky for some of you, but for those who might want to get a broad understanding of what’s on the open-source horizon, then read on.

It’s not what you say, it’s what they see

“Watch Your Body Language” by Anita Raghavan (Forbes Magazine, 16 March 16 2009). There’s little doubt we’re all looking for tools that will give us an advantage when we’re on the business pitch. Your body language might just be the key to that next essential negotiation. It’s difficult to agree with Luntz’s, “it’s not what […]