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“Wings Like Eagles” by Rich Karlgaard (Forbes, 13 April 2009. Note: You’ll have to scroll down a bit to get to this part of Mr. Karlgaard’s “Digital Rules” column.  While mentioning / reviewing a new book on the battle of Britain (“With Wings Like Eagles” by Michael Korda, Harper, $25.99) Rich says:

The British managed to turn back the Luftwaffe’s superior might with intelligence and strategy, based on a new invention called radar and a deception brilliantly executed by Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding. He tricked the Nazis into underestimating the number of British fighter planes and thus drew the Luftwaffe’s bombers into a deadly war of attrition.

True, the business as war analogy is cliche. But in those 50 or so word are: intelligence, strategy, innovation, technology, execution, leadership and the defeat of a what was assumed to be a superior foe. One would have to presume there was some passion in the mix too.  If that’s not worth commiting to memory, what is?

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