M is for Marketing. M is for Moses.

“The Boomer Boom” by Christopher Musico (CRM Magazine, November 2008) comes this handy sidebar that somehow missed getting posted. The article is on “boomers” but the concepts of these ten are sound for all and deserved to be repeated and relayed – even if it is six months later.

10 Marketer Commandments
When it comes to Boomers today, Matt Thornhill, co-author of Boomer Consumer, says there are 10 rules marketers must adhere to if they want to strike gold. “We haven’t found ourselves needing to change or modify any of these rules,” he says. “They’re not time-sensitive.”

1 – Treat everyone differently.
2 – Use emotionally meaningful concepts, words, and images.
3 – Be positive.
4 – Realize more information is better.
5 – Tell a story.
6 – Understand my changing values.
7 – Make it relevant to me.
8 – Play in the gray.
9 – Use life stage, not age.
10 – Learn, baby, learn.

Hopefully you too are sensing these these rules have valuebeyond just marketing.

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