When looking for “work”, get words to work for you

“Six Ways To Ruin Your Resume” by Greg Schaffer (Computer World, 13 April 2009).

You may have already realized the AU state of mind often takes things from one box and furthers the use of those ideas by applying them to a situation in another box. In this instance, please shoehorn this article into the other box of copy writing – specifically copy writing for web sites. One of the highlights was actually a handful of words in the sidebar. Please reword to fit your particular situation.

Speak to your audience

Your résumé should be directed to a technology professional.

Yes, human resources may review the application as well, but ultimately the position’s supervisor (and most probably peers) will choose whom to interview. Your résumé should talk to them.

Remember that your goal is to get your foot in the door for a face-to-face interview. If you’re applying to be a network administrator, have a fellow network administrator or two review your application, and ask for their impressions from a peer perspective. Does it convey that you know networking? If the answer is yes, you’re well on your way to landing that job.

In short, job hunting is like sales, and sales is like job hunting. Aside from good copy both also require focus, persistence and most of all an understanding of the audience being targeted. Whether you’re selling a product, a service or yourself to a prospective employer, the tactict and strategy for success are essentially universal.

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