Stop being your own worst enemy

“Does CIO Behavior Derail Intentions?” by Dr. Paul Hertz and Chris Dowse (CIO Insight, May 2009) Part of being human is having a personality, as well as having habits and patterns under particular circumstances. We all admit that sometimes the past causes us to not  act in our own best interest. This is hardly an […]

Failure is in the eye of the beholder

“Failure and What You Can Learn from It” by Kim S. Nash (CIO Magazine, 15 May 2009). To some extent a slightly lengthy feel-good (read: you’re not alone) article for anyone who is battling or has battled the potentially toxic effects of “failure”. While there are some who would argue that failure is not necessary […]

Your invite to the success party

“Now is the Best Time to Start a Business” by Gary Beach, Publisher Emeritus (CIO Mag, 15 May 2009). Now granted, not everyone reading these posts here has global aspirations. None the less, Mr. Beach makes some good points. If you have a great idea (read: a burning vision) then this is a great time […]

Service as a software Software, software everywhere. Sometimes the question before what to choose is how to choose. This site – and there are certainly others with similar intentions – looks to be a good starting point. Find the app you wish to “replace” (e.g. Dreamweaver) and click on from there. Aside from the major operating systems there […]

It’s a never ending process

“Time for a Change: Makeovers, Turnarounds, and Redos” by Laura Taxel (Sante Magazine, May 2009). Expand your vision a bit and apply these restraunt industry focused ideas to your particular situation. The ultimate objective is to enhance your guest’s experience. It doesn’t matter where that inspiration comes from. • The ongoing economic turmoil makes it […]

Staff are guests too

“Your Customers and Your Staff ” by editor Mark Vaughan (Sante Magazine, May 2009). Without a doubt, staff is important. They become an extension of your brand. Therefore, a brand seeking a more dominate position needs to be sensitive to not only it’s marketing effort to customers but also how those efforts might also enable […]

Yesterday is not tomorrow

“Keeping pace with evolving technologies” by Mary K. Pratt (ComputerWorld Mag, 18 May 2009). Let’s hope that these couple pull quotes inspire you to consume this one pager. “I’ve had to change the way I think about what work means, because technology is changing us. Everything has to be instantaneous, and convenience is a big […]

Welcome of Fantasy Island?

“Opinion: When head counts are low, take time to save time” by Sharon Machlis (ComputerWorld Mag, 18 May 2009). In theory Ms. Machlis is correct. It is true, there is always room for improvement. Unfortunately, it is rare that management (in larger organizatios) incents such behavior – let alone rewards it. As the fear of […]

Can customer service get any worse?

” Will Customer Service Be Another Casualty of the Recession?” by Donna Fluss (CRM Magazine, May 2009) Ms. Fluss raises a  good question as well as adds a number of helpful insights. To her foundation I’d like to add: — True high-quality customer service has been suffering for years, even through the best of revenue times. […]

Let’s talk about the solutions

The latest issue (May 2009) of The New York Enterprise Report ( is bursting with must-reads. Below are the highlights with an essential pull quote from each, as well as a few caveats. Enjoy! Pass it on… “Marketing Matters More Than Ever” by Robert S. Levin The reality is that marketing is on the back […]

The best investment right now is in yourself

“100 Free Open Courseware Classes on Journalism, Blogging and New Media” from Simply put… WOW! Even if you only find a couple winners for you, that’s still a wow!

The guest expects more than a “just a web site” experience

“The Promise of Private-label Media” by Matthew Egol, Leslie H. Moeller and Christopher Vollmer (Strategy + Business, Summer 2009). As found in the latest print issue – not yet available online. Here’s a summary of the take aways: – The days of “just a web site” are over. – While the article doesn’t address it, […]

Every cloud has a silver lining

“Retail Trainer Sees The Recession’s Silver Lining” By Alan Wolf (TWICE Magazine, 4 May 2009) This article makes five key recommendations. Skip the fluff and jump right to the list. They’re right to the point so the RTI (reading time invested) to ROI ratio is significant. Here’s point number five: Manage expectations and deliver. The […]

The never ending story of the new evil empire

“Companies Object to Google Policy on Trademarks” By Miguel Helft (New York Times, 15 May 2009) Simply put, all hype and blind envy aside, Google is a publicly traded company and is oblicated to act in the best interest of ther shareholders. If Google can make a profit on a service in spite of a […]

Love thy Big Brother?

“What Google knows about you” by Robert L. Mitchell (ComputerWorld, 11 May 2009)  One has to wonder if Google isn’t upset with Geiko for stealing their theme song. You know the one… “I always feel like somebody’s watching me…” If this article troubles you – and it should at least a bit – then also […]

Grab an iced tea, kick your shoes off and relax

Change of pace this time. These two from Wired magazine should get your grey matter jazzed to think a little deeper: “American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse” by Randall Sullivan (20 April 2009) “Mission Impossible: The Code Even the CIA Can’t Crack” by Steven Levy (20 April 2009) Btw, the May issue features guest […]

Share your home movies with the world

“Make your own HD movie” by By Suranga Chandratillake (Fortune Small Business, March 2009). While doing some research for a project that might entail some video we came across this round up. FSB might not be a technology bible but this is a good place to start if you’re considering some simple video solutions. At […]

Three up is just a penny a pop

“New Inks Cut Costs of Office Color Printing” By Ashlee Vance (New York Times, 6 May 2009). Color at three cents a page could be a bigger game changer than music at 99 cents a song. That said, inexpensive output can’t make up for poor design and lack of a proper marketing message. It’s always […]

The more things change, the more they stay the same

“The Psychology of the Sale” by Marshall Lager (CRM Magazine, May 2009).  No matter how you cut it, we are all in sales. Whether it’s getting someone to buy our product or service, or getting the kids to buy into the idea of cleaning up after themselves, it’s sales.  A sale is establishing a relationship […]

Google 101

“Google Wants You” by Chris Morrison (Fortune Small Businss, May 2009). As overviews of Google’s advertising options go,  this is a pretty good one. There are three majors gaps that deserve to be mentioned: 1) The estimated click fraud rate of Ad Sense / Ad Words ads is anywhere from 15% – 20%. That’s a […]