Costs are important but it’s results that matter most

Deliver Magazine (Volume 5, Issue 2, May 2009). Please keep in mind that Deliver is published by USPS. Therefore the editorial perspective is biased towards direct mail. This could also explain why the articles aren’t part of their web site but (currently) can only be accessed via pdfs of each issue. To access the latest issue please click here.

Recommended articles:

– “What Direct Marketers Can Learn From Social Media” (pdf page 4, print page 6)
– “Direct Mail and the Purchase Funnel” by Charlotte Huff (pdf page 4, print page 7)
– “Driving The Message Home” by Bruce Britt (pdf page 7, print page 12)
– “Enlighten & Engage” by Natalie Engler (pdf page 14, print page 26)

If you only read one of the bunch then please jump to pdf page 15 (right page – print page 29) and consume the Paths to Marketing Betterment section. Those four tips are universal and essential to all.

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