Every cloud has a silver lining

“Retail Trainer Sees The Recession’s Silver Lining” By Alan Wolf (TWICE Magazine, 4 May 2009) This article makes five key recommendations. Skip the fluff and jump right to the list. They’re right to the point so the RTI (reading time invested) to ROI ratio is significant. Here’s point number five:

Manage expectations and deliver. The current economic crisis does not prevent companies from raising consumer expectations. This is evident from the frequency of ads in recent months that encourage consumers to expect a consultative sales experience while shopping. While it’s extremely important to set expectations, it’s more important to deliver on them. Set moderate expectations and then focus on delivering those realistic standards, rather than implementing expectations that can no longer be met.

The one thing that should not be overlooked is that your employees are your guests (i.e., customers), as well as your partners. Naturally, guests are partners too. If you want to catch the bouncing ball, you’ve got to keep your eye on it.

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