Can customer service get any worse?

” Will Customer Service Be Another Casualty of the Recession?” by Donna Fluss (CRM Magazine, May 2009)

Ms. Fluss raises a  good question as well as adds a number of helpful insights. To her foundation I’d like to add:

— True high-quality customer service has been suffering for years, even through the best of revenue times. Maybe the reality that it is the customer who drives a company forward (not just revenue) will finally come back in fashion?

— I too appreciate the need to keep a business solvent. However, I think it should be said that the impact of changes in how budget is spent (in this case cutting back) should be the same whether the tide is rising for falling. All budget decision should be made with the intention of adding the most value to the customer. In short, cuts that fail to have empathy for the customer and therefore possibly damage the relationship with the customer will only lead to more cuts.

Unfortunately, when the going gets tough it seems that too many “decision makers” become small minde and short sighted, only to take the easy way out rather than prove they are truly deserving of their inflated salaries.

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