Welcome of Fantasy Island?

“Opinion: When head counts are low, take time to save time” by Sharon Machlis (ComputerWorld Mag, 18 May 2009).

In theory Ms. Machlis is correct. It is true, there is always room for improvement.

Unfortunately, it is rare that management (in larger organizatios) incents such behavior – let alone rewards it. As the fear of loss of job increases the willingness to take chances (read: invest time in investigating / developing a more productive approaches) decreases.

What Ms. Machlis is advocating rarely takes place in the best of times. It doesn’t seem realistic that corporate-think (i.e., small minded, short sighted, territorial based behaviors, etc.) will change when the man/woman in the next cubical (or corner office) might be your replacement.

This isn’t a glass half empty opinion but an accepted and well established reality.

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