Staff are guests too

“Your Customers and Your Staff ” by editor Mark Vaughan (Sante Magazine, May 2009). Without a doubt, staff is important. They become an extension of your brand. Therefore, a brand seeking a more dominate position needs to be sensitive to not only it’s marketing effort to customers but also how those efforts might also enable the company’s ability to attract the right staff.

For example, in the restaurant / hospitality industry many front line employees are younger and therefore more web savvy. A second rate site might very well attract second rate applicants. Like it or not, the iGeneration will judge a book by its cover and quite possibly seek employment elsewhere.   A good web site is not just a way to build sales but also a way to attract the right talent that is also necessary for sustainable growth once the customers come in the front door and sit down.

In short, as times change and traditional lines continue to blur the need to think outside the silo gets to be more and more urgent.

Everyone has to eat. And if you offer the perfect product at a price (guests) can afford, served by professionals with personality and skill, you will survive.”
– John Foley, The Restaurant Blog,

Unfortunately, Sante’s site only allows access to the current issue via a Flash-esque reader, as well as registration. If you’re willing to jump through that hoop be sure to check:

“Online & Hooked” by Aaron Deal (page 23)

“Hiring the Best: No Time for Dice” by Tad Carducci and Paul Tangauy (page 27)

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