God forbid we should actually talk to each other

“How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live (in 140 characters or less)” by Steven Johnson (Time Magazine, 15 June 2009). If you’re still trying to get your head around the latest mainstream media hype that is known as Twitter then Time has prepared a few thousand character expose that should get you up to […]

Getting (NPO) guests to buy the passion

“Hello? Arkansas? Yeah, It’s Facebook” by Mark Hrywna (The NonProfit Times, 15 June 2009). Great and inspiring article but for the moment try not to be distracted by the social network hype. Using social networks is a tool, not a panacea. It still takes time and resources to use that tool . What’s nice is […]

Profiling for dollars

“LinkedIn Bible: Everything You Need to Know About the Social Network for Professionals” By C.G. Lynch (CIO Mag, 16 June 2009). A head to toe round up that will help you give you the professional profile markover you’ve been talking about. Yes, we confess, we’ll been doing the same. This post is as much about […]

Gettin’ better all the time

“Project Management: 8 Steps to On-Time, On-Budget Delivery” by Ron Ponce (CIO Mag, 15 June 2009). CIO delivers the helpful good once again. We certainly believe in our 6 Universal Truths of Project Management, but Mr. Ponce’s recommendations are  not going to fall on deaf ears here. In fact, his #8 is Improvement and we […]

Coke adds choice to life – Another perspective

“Global CIO: Six Lessons CIOs Must Learn From Coke’s Dazzling Innovation” by Bob Evans (Information Week, 22 June 2009). A couple weeks ago we did a  post about Coke’s new drink dispenser called Freestyle. Mr. Evans celebrates Coke’s innovation but approaches it from a different perspective, that of the CIO. The bottom line is that […]

Honesty is the best policy

“Opinion: When things go wrong, the truth shall set you free” by John D. Halamka (ComputerWorld Mag, 15 June 2009). It’s never easy when things collapse. What makes it even more difficult is that as emotions increase rational thoughts get shoved aside. In short, being human isn’t easy. Lucky for the rest of us Mr. […]

Changing the game

“Customer Loyalty Program Goes Beyond Discounts and Coupons” By Jarina D’Auria (CIO Mag, 15 June 2009). This is brilliant! Stop whatever you’re doing and read it now. Read it twice, it’s short. As a teaser here’s a pull quote from Haggen’s Chief Information Officer Harrison Lewis: “We wanted to redefine the game because we believe […]

Preaching practice

“Why Even Successful Speakers Need To Practice” by Maryfran Johnson (CIO Mag, 15 June 2009) The funny thing is, this applies to everything. If you want to get better at something, you have to do it. Over and over and over. And if you want to stop getting better at something (i.e., a bad habit) […]

Three little goodies

“How to: Handle Negative Online Comments, Hold a Concise Meeting and Decline an After-work Invite” by By Kristin Burnham (CIO Mag, 10 June 2009). What’s great about CIO is that it’s targeted to executives so the articles get right to the meat of the matter. What’s even better is that the majority of their execu-think […]

Is Bing bingo?

“Microsoft Bing Livens Up Search” by Jim Rapoza (eWeek Mag, 15 June 2009). The adverts have been on TV for more than a couple weeks now. But the question remains, “Bing? Microsoft? Big deal. Why should I care?” Well, if anyone can answer that question it’s Jim Rapoza. His conclusion? So far, so good.

5 more CRM-isms from CIO

“5 ‘Zero Cost” CRM Strategies’ By Thomas Wailgum (CIO Mag, 26 May 2009) Another to the point article in CIO’s “5” series. It will only take you a couple minutes to read but the odds of a useful takeway look good.

The pen is mightier than the mountain

“Reaching New Heights: Leadership Lessons I Learned Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro” by Yacov Wrocherinsky (The New York Enterprise Report, June 2009) Entertaining, interesting and most of all insightful, Mr. Wrocherinsky relates his climb up the mighty Kilimanjaro to his experience as founded and CEO of Infinity Info Systems (www.InfinityInfo.com). Spend a few moment to soak in […]

Two glues are better than none

“Corner Office: On Will Wright’s Team, Would You Be a Solvent, or the Glue?” Video game designer Will Wright is interviewed by Adam Bryant (New York Times, Sunday 14 June 2009). Quite a few nice pearls in this exchange. Here are two that should get you to want to inhale the rest of the article […]

Googlezilla verses the Twitter Monster

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon so let’s just keep it simple. “The Tweet Smell of Success” by Noam Cohen and Brian Stelter (New York Times, Sunday 14 June 2009) One has to assume that Twitter is looking not just at followers but also the followers of the followers, as well as the click rate of […]

Even free has a price

“Levin’s Law On Cheap and Easy Marketing Mediums” by Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Robert Levin (The New York Enterprise Report, June 2009). Once again Mr. Levin uses his From The Editor address to deliver an optimal amount of wisdom in less than a full printed page. No one is too busy to consume such an amount […]

Coke adds choice to life

“Coke’s RFID-Based Dispensers Redefine Business Intelligence” by Mary Hayes Weier (Information Week, 8 June 2009) Don’t let the geeky title scare you. Put yourself in the shoes of a Coke guest and read between the lines. This a perfect example of the shift in expectations that’s being driven by the empowerment guest now enjoy as […]

Ask a realtor, staging matters (and other late night thoughts) – Part 2

“Fortune Small Business Small Business Makeover: Cloz – Dress for Success” by Patricia B. Gray (Fortune Small Business, May 2009).  This post is a follow up to a post a couple weeks back. Full disclosure: It is also shameless self-promotion. The news… FSB  decided to print (on their Letters page) an edited version of the […]

Two of the sides to the CRM story

Whether your CRM aspirations are for 1 or 1,000, these two views will provide some valuable insights: “CRM on the Cheap: Five Strategies That Really Work” By David Taber (CIO Magazine, May 2009) “CRM On The Cheap: 5 Strategies That Backfire ” By David Taber (CIO Magazine, May 2009)

The best way to win the game is to change the game

“Beyond Detroit: On the Road to Recovery, Let the Little Guys Drive” by Charles C. Mann (Wired Magazine, June 2008). Another articles from Wired’s latest issue that focuses on The New Economy. Here is a must read paragraph. If you’ve tasted victory in the past then chances are good that it will have even more […]

Food for content thought. Or is it content for food thought?

“The Triangle of Content Success” By Jaka Lindic (eContent Magazine, May 2009).  eContent is a new addition to our reading meals and thus far the bit of extra time invested has paid back two or three fold. Like fine dining for the mind. Mr. Lindic’s article doesn’t answer many questions but it’s purpose is to […]