Three little goodies

“How to: Handle Negative Online Comments, Hold a Concise Meeting and Decline an After-work Invite” by By Kristin Burnham (CIO Mag, 10 June 2009). What’s great about CIO is that it’s targeted to executives so the articles get right to the meat of the matter. What’s even better is that the majority of their execu-think applies to everyone else as well.

Let’s just break these three down really quick:

“Negative Online Comment” – This approach applies offline as well. One of the key phrases to use is, “I understand”. The key personality trait to have is empathy.

“Concise Meeting” – A good set of rules to follow.

“Decline” – And if you can’t tell the truth then ask for rain cheque, or suggest you’d like to “postpone until next time”. Do your best to avoid saying, “No”.

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