Google says, “Surf’s up”

“Google Showcases New Communication and Collaboration Tool” by By Miguel Helft (New York Times, 28 May 2009). Yes, let’s all pray that this – and the other similar apps that are sure to follow – puts an end to email as a collaboration tool. Nine times out of ten even a wiki is a more […]

Talking tough is cheap. Get going!

“How to stay up in a down economy” by Julia King (Computer World Magazine, 25 May / 1 June 2009). Whether you’re unemployed, under-employed, or even over-employed, Ms. King has some pearls to share. One of the best is: Don’t watch CNN. It just induces hysteria. – Paul Glen (ComputerWorld Columnist) There is one suggestion […]

Welcome of Fantasy Island? – Follow up

This is a (shameless self-promoting) follow up to a post a couple weeks back on an article by Ms. Sharon Machlis (“Opinion: When head counts are low, take time to save time”, ComputerWorld Mag, 18 May 2009). The AU blog post was also posted as a comment to Ms. Machlis’ article. In this week’s print […]

When dinosaurs fall like dominos

“The New New Economy: More Startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity” by Chris Anderson (Wired Magazine, June 2009) If you’re trying to make sense of what has happen and of what’s to come Mr. Anderson sheds some valuable light on the matter. As expected, there are two AU caveats: 1) Capital was traditionally only available to […]

Esther Dyson, she’s the man

“Esther Dyson: The Thought Leader Interview” by Art Kleiner (Strategy + Business Mag, Summer 2009). Few have seen and participated in the tech sector as Ms. Dyson has. This interview is a invigorating snapshot of where she thinks we might be headed. This interview as well as “The Trouble With Brands” are a one-two punch […]

And the bubble burst

“The Trouble with Brands” by John Gerzema and Ed Lebar (Strategy + Business Mag, Summer 2009). Two words… Must read! Please excuse the S+B registration process but their content is often well worth the couple of key strokes.  Once you’re in, you’re in.

Lipstick isn’t enough

“Put Ad on Web. Count Clicks. Revise.” By Stephanie Cliford (New York Times, Sunday 31 May 2009). Let’s jump right to the AU caveats: Yes, this approach is helpful but what the quants and the bean counters are not considering is that the ad with the most clicks does not necessarily make it the most […]