Two for the innovation show

“Guy Kawasaki on Innovation and the Myth of Lightning-Bolt Inspiration” by Diann Daniel (CIO Magazine, 25 February 2009). Mr. Kawasaki is the well respected venture capitalist so when he says that inspiration is free and development tools are cheap it’s worth a listen. Here’s a key pull quote to hook you in:

Again, at an intellectual level, no company laid off its way to success. On the other hand, it’s easy for “experts” to say that one must keep innovating when your company is running out of cash since it’s not their necks on the line. There are no magic bullets. It’s just a tough time.

Yes, it is tough but so is climbing Mount Everest. To face the challenges of the new normal one must continue to push forward (i.e., evolve, innovate, etc.) Standing still is not an option.

With that said, coming up with new ideas is half the battle. Some might even say it’s the easy part. For changes to be effective they must be accepted by the organization (and guests) those ideas are being offered to and/or thrust upon. For that part of the process we offer: “Mentor: Inside the Change Studio” by Bill Deam (CIO Magazine, 1 July 2009).

Ready? Let’s go!

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