Luck is what you make it

“Life Pursuits: Chris Gardner” by Marta Bright, Bobbie Hartman, Christopher Null, Kate Pavao, Joe Shepter, Lia Simpson, and Tara Swords (Oracle Profit, August 2009). More words of wisdom to keep you going from Chris “The Pursuit of Happyness” Gardner. Profit: What are you encouraging people to do in these uncertain times? Gardner: One of the […]

A bit less power to the people

“Wikipedia to Limit Changes to Articles on People” by Noam Cohen (New York Times, 24 August 2009). A subtle but noteworthy tweak in approach. It’s as if to say the people are always right except when they’re not. Interesting, eh? What do you think?

Google isn’t always the greatest – Part 2

A quick addendum to the previous post on Google and Yahoo. First, here is the link to Yahoo’s Finance page: And here’s Google’s: As you dip your toes into Yahoo’s water you’ll notice similar aesthetics that often overshadows Google’s more utilitarian approach. In addition, here’s a quickie from CNN Money: “Do you Yahoo? […]

Google isn’t always the greatest

“Where Yahoo Leaves Google in the Dust” By Randall Stross (New York Times, 22 August 2009). While the Google hype machine would like you to believe otherwise, Google is not perfect. Yes, they are a damn good advertising machine but there are plenty examples of failed Google projects that were eventually sacked. If fact, that’s […]

It’s not going to happen unless you try

“Inspiring Minds” by Stephanie Overby (CIO Magazine, 1 August 2009). Training is back in style and the pursuit of innovation is finally moving to the right side of the lip service tracks. What’s next? Executive pay becoming reasonable again? Think about it, a $100k pay cut could mean and $1,000 for 100 people. Oops. Let’s […]

Safety in numbers

“Imperfect Futures” by Alix Stuart (CFO Magazine, 15 July 2009). What’s most interesting is how much of the science of forecasting is actually becoming more of an art. If extra time isn’t a luxury then jump to page 2 and read the section titled “Risk-Spotting” and continue right on through “Predictions: E Pluribus Unum”. For […]

Your knowledge is your power

“6 ways to train your employees on the cheap” by Mary K. Pratt (Computer World, 10 August 2009). It’s official — common sense is finally back in style. The best stuff here might come from the sidebar (on the first page) titled “3 ways workers can get their own free training.” Let’s be honest, if […]

Just one step at a time

“Simplementation: 10 Tips to Smooth Your CRM Initiative” by Lauren McKay (CRM Magazine, July 2009). Hold onto your mouse, we’re about to hit the highlights… 1. Do Your Homework — …the front end is about 30 to 45 days of fully understanding what the business needs are, what the strategy is, and what you want […]

Live and learn and live again

“Listen And Learn: Become A Better Manager By Learning From Others’ Mistakes” by William Matthies (TWICE Magazine, 3 November 2008). A supplement to yesterday’s post, as well another jewel from the to-d0 stack.

Sometimes big risks are worth taking

“Leadership Skills Critical Now for Club Executives” by Ed Tock (, 1 July 2009). Please pardon the delay in getting around to this. As usual Mr. Tock’s thoughts are well worth the wait. These are challenging times for all of us. Some will rise and some will fall. How you lead, whether it’s others or […]

The Chaos Scenario

As heard on WNYC,org’s The Leonard Lopate Show: Bob Garfield, Advertising Age editor-at-large and co-host of On the Media, documents how the digital revolution has separated the 350-year connection between mass media and mass marketing, and prescribes a new way for business and institutions to go forward in the changing media landscape. His book The […]