A good team is hard to find

“Creating a Team Mentality” by Jay Bahel (CIO Insight, 28 August 2009). Influence, we all know, is also a function of culture. Is the culture open minded, dynamic and pro-innovation? Or small minded,  slow moving and in denial of change? Obviously, it makes a difference.

Unfortunately, creating an efficient and effective culture is easier said than done. It’s certainly not something that can just be imposed from above. None the less, the cost of the status quo can be significant, if not fatal. So try we must to develop teams that produce positive results. Hopefully Mr. Bahel’s ideas can help get you rolling in the right direction.

Also there were two related articles on CIOInsight.com: “Key Questions on Recruitment” by Larry Bonfante, as well as “An Absence of IT Talent” by John Parkinson.

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