More building blocks

This is a follow up of moderate commitment (i.e., it’s not quick) to yesterday’s post on online communities / social networks. All of these were sourced from CRM Magazine (, which always comes highly recommended.

“The 7 Benefits of Online Customer Service Communities” by Christopher Musico —A new Forrester Research report highlights the return on investment in social media communities.

“10 Steps to Social Media Success” by Lauren McKay — Internet Week ’09: Brand Exposure event shows companies how to join the conversation.

“Webinar: How Social Media is Transforming Customer Service and the Customer Experience” from Parature’s blog — Note: Free registration is required.

“Find Out How Businesses Are Leveraging Social Media” from AIM-Partners (via — Note: Free registration is required.

Grab a coffee and sip some more soc-net knowledge. Enjoy!

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