The beautiful game of business

“Are You Holding Your Business Back? 5 quick tips to overcome your mental barriers.” by Joe Nunziata (The New York Enterprise Report, Sept 2009). Alright, let’s get this week started off right. Mr. Nunziata offers a fairly good pep talk. Somewhat clinical but ultimately he gets the job done.

Naturally, there seem to be a couple tweaks in order. First, it’s just that, the order the items are listed. Here’s the AU order. (The original place of each in Mr/ Nunziata’s list is in parentheses.)

1. Embrace change (5)
2. Willingness to do whatever it takes to move forward (4)
3. Accept that you are the creator (2)
4. Focus on the cause, not the effect (1)
5. You cannot be a victim (3)

Also, you’ll notice each of Joe’s steps ends with “Take action”. Or as David Schwartz says (in the classic “The Magic of Thinking Big”), “Action cures fear”. Analysis and planning are great but they are nothing without action. Never underestimate the power of action.

Another addition would be: Accept  set backs. Business, as is life itself, is like soccer. Not every pass is forward. Not every run results in getting the ball. What matters is the final score. So don’t let occasional missteps distract you from keeping your head in the game. Keep on movin’.

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