The theory and the practice

“5 Minutes With… Jack Daly” by Daria Meoli (New York Enterprise Report) In theory Mr. Daly makes some good points, multitasking management and sales roles isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. On the other hand anyone who has been an SMB owner understands that what Mr. Daly proposes isn’t that cut and dry.

So what are the alternatives?

Instead of loosely vowing to split your time, take it a step further and schedule time in your calendar of choice. But don’t stop there either. Log your time. At lunch and with two hours to go in the day assess your time budget. Adjust and repeat as necessary. If you’re within a reasonable margin of error come Friday, buy yourself something special for lunch. But if you’re not that close then buy pizza for the team or take a client out to lunch. Take your shortcoming and use it as an opportunity to keep in touch with your people or clients. Ideally being more aware will help with arranging your time the following week.

Another alternative is to delegate some of your responsibilities. Force yourself if it’s not your nature to do so. If you can save yourself 15 – 20 minutes a day that’s approx 90 minutes at the end of the week. That’s pretty good “found money”, no? The bonus is you might discoverĀ  an employee who’sĀ  more capable than you thought. If they come up short, then you’ve learn something there as well and now having some training to do.

Regardless, there’s are always good times for investing in the promise of tomorrow. It’s not going to happen on its own, is it?

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