The change will do you good

“Leading Change – Why Transformation Efforts Fail” by John P. Kotter (Harvard Business Review,  In this day and age, it’s difficult to have a conversation about almost anything without some reference to change. In fact, one of the longest standing uber-buzzwords is innovation, which obviously requires change. Ironically, what doesn’t seem to change is that so many fail at trying to change. Mr. Kotter’s ideas might be the difference maker for you.

If this topic interests you — and it should — you can also consume: “Change Through Persuasion” by David A. Garvin and Michael A. Roberto (Hardvard Business Review).

Truth be told, neither of these articles are new. However, they do address many of the fundamentals and the universal truths that continue to challenge every organization regardless of the date on the callendar. As they say, “Change is constant.” The issue is, are you going to be proactive, reactive, or a victim of your denial that things are never going to be as they were.

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