Fast. Cheap. Right. Pick Two and a Half

Anyone who has gotten within five feet of a project of any size understands the classic adage: Fast. Cheap. Right. Pick two. Let’s pretend for a moment that you go with Fast and Cheap. However, not picking Right does not mean you should abandon all sense of best practices.

Client-friendly SEO guidelines – Part 3

And without further delay here is the conclusion to this three part beginners’ guide to search engine optimization basics.

A Classic Case of Sisyphean Marketing Strategy

As the story goes, I had lunch with a colleague earlier in the week. JK—not his/her real name—is a fairly hardcore SEO aficionado. JK’s motto is: Tune it. Tweak it. Tighten it. Repeat. JK is also fond of: Mo’ traffic. Mo’ traffic. Mo’ traffic.

Client-friendly SEO guidelines – Part 2

Welcome back to the middle portion of the Client-friendly SEO Guidelines show. The one caveat I’d like to repeat from Part 1 is that the intention of this series is to build understanding and confidence—not paralyze a novice with perfectionist expert level details.