Simple but highly useful WordPress plugin that modifies the columns of the listing on the Admin -> Posts page. AU_ModPostsList removes the standard Date column and replaces it with a more detailed  Status column. The main difference is that for Scheduled posts and Published posts the Status column displays:

—Line 1: Current status (Published, Scheduled or – Draft – )
—Line 2:  Date of publish/schedule (e.g., Tue 4 May 11).
—Line 3: @ Time of publish/schedule (e.g., @ 4:55 pm)

Note: For usability, the Status column values for Scheduled posts are bold. For Draft posts line 2 and 3 are blank.

The benefit is that you will no longer have open a post just to see it’s exact status. This plugin is ideal for busy bloggers who schedule multiple posts over multiple days and need to know what’s going to happen when with minimal effort.

Simply unzip, install it and activate it. There are no settings. The plugin is well commented and very straightforward.  It can be modified/customized by anyone with minimal programming experience.

Download – Version 0.5.0 (6 June 2011)

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