AU_Slideshow is a WordPress plugin for incorporating a slideshow into your theme, or to embed a slideshow into a page or post.

Please note: This plugin is not yet available for full public release. Current version in beta is 0.5.1 (Tuesday 30 November 2010). If you’re interested in being a beta tester please email: beta_test (at)

Key Features:

— Added functionality to allow non-Admin users to Manage Slides. Admin Only access to  Configuration remains in place.

— Slide scheduling via a start date and end date.

— Added Sticky/Not_sticky functionality to ensure that high priority slides get displayed first.

— Add shuffle functional so the display order need not remain static (and eventually become boring).

— Added Set_name functionality that allows multiple slideshows to be defined.

— Multiple parameters – passed via PHP or the WP embed shortcode – provide flexibility that allow for a wide range of customizing which slides will be displayed and how they should be ordered.

— Note: This plugin only allows for one slideshow per page. We hope to address this limitation in a future release.

— Please review the user guides for documentation on configuring and features.

User’s Guides:

Admin Configuration

Manage Slides

Using AU_Slideshow

Guides are hosted on Adobe’s While the plugin is fairly straightforward, please review the user guides before diving in. Comments and questions can be posted below. We will respond as time allows.


— This plugin is an enhanced/modified version of Tribulant’s WP Slideshow Gallery v1.1.1 (

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