Stop selling (and find out what they’re buying)

“Rouse Your Silent Prospects” by Steve Bookbinder (New York Enterprise Report magazine, November 2009). Pardon the rush job but given this morning’s time constraints the focus will be to stick to the highlights. First, the sub-headline of this one is: How to craft emails and voice mails that will get a response. Pull quotes: There […]

Four of a kind

Here’s a series of highlights from the Spring 2009 issue of 1 to 1 Magazine ( Unfortunately, this site requires opening account to read some of the content. Since these article are all pretty brief they’ll be copy / pasted in below to save you the trouble. – “Winning Over Difficult Customers” by Kevin Zimmerman […]

How will your book cover be judged?

“The Psychology of Web Design (and Putting It Into Practice)” by Peter Prestipino (Website Magazine, 5 Feb 2009). “ Tops U.K. Customer Experience Survey” by Kevin Zimmerman (, November / December 2008). A simple pairing to help enable you to be more guest-centric.