To be the best, study the best

“Broker of the Year Finalists” by Denis Storey (Benefits Selling Magazine, 1 April 2009). The best of the best, sir. AU would like to recommend focusing on the thoughts of:

– Ted Bosse
– Steve Fallon
– Lisa Martin

Nothing new. No rocket science. Just simple fundamentals and the willingness to execute.  The irony is, such a proven approach tends to be the exception rather than the rule.

“No one really likes change. Let’s call it improvement.”

Truth be told we’re all being forced to dig a little deeper and find inspiration. Thankfully this is exactly what the doctor ordered. “All I see is opportunity” by Denis Storey (Benefits Selling, March 2009,

The entire article is highly recommended but here are Wells Fagro’s Mr Tracy Dieterich’s 10 Steps Every Salesperson Should Follow:

1 – It all starts with your attitude
2 – Have written goals
3 – Change yourself
4 – Hard work
5 – Set deadline
6 – BOR Letters
7 – Be willing to fail
8 – Give back
9 – Have fun
10 – Build a team

As is so often the case with these type of posts, anyone – on or off the clock – can benefit from Tracy’s list. Kudos Tracy! We gladly embrace your example.

p.s. Also take a moment to check  out (this one pager)  “Is honesty always the best policy?” by Dan Norman which is also in the same issue.