Today AU, tomorrow the world

“From Push to Pull: How to Navigate the ‘Big Shift’ Reshaping the World” interview of author John Hagel (, 8 July 2010). It’s Saturday, so let’s just cut to the chase… Consulting: What exactly is the power of pull? Hagel: I guess it starts with a rather provocative proposition that the current management approaches and […]

In support of the AU “sweet spot”

“Brand Aid: Technology’s the Great Equalizer” exerts from an interview with Allen Adamson, author of “Brand Digital” (Consulting Magazine, March / April 2009). Full disclosure: We haven’t read Mr. Adamson’s book yet. However, if this interview is any indictation, we will be soon enough. Yes, yet another objective third party example supporting the importance of […]

Without guests there is no retail

“Wholesale Changes” by Eric Krell (Consulting Magazine, March / April 2009).  A fairly insightful article that was good enough to trigger this letter to the editor: Consulting Mag: The ill condition of retail is well known. However, there is a factor that was not directly mentioned (in the article) and we believe is essential to […]

“You can have it done cheap, fast, or right. Pick two”

“Project management for networking geeks” by Greg Schaffer (Computer World Mag, 23 Feb 2009, The irony for this post is that Schaffer was trying to teach geek dogs new PM tricks, but his lesson was simple enough for it to be shared with all. Consider this a refresher course more that a new ground […]

It’s not the 20th century anymore

“New Business in the Network of Everything” an interview of Andy Mulholland (Consulting Mag, November / December 2008). The interview is essentially part of promoting Mr. Mulholland’s new book “Mesh Collaboration.”  Here’s a piece that should inspire you to pursue this one in full. What you really need to do is find the four people […]