There are no silos in The Guest Experience

That said, it’s not rocket science—just stop for a moment and think how you think. Do you differentiate one brand experience from the next? Not usually, right? Bad service is bad service and great service is great service.

Be BI smart and respond (but that includes proactive listening too)

The journey of this post starts here: “Business Intelligence Meets BPM: Using Data to Change Business Processes on the Fly” by Kim S. Nash (, 17 June 2010). On one hand this is fascinating stuff — collecting data, analyzing it and distilling information that objectively drives business action. The business side of my brain goes, […]

Understanding a non-profit and loss statement

“Helping Hands” by Jessica Tsai (CRM Magazine, February 2010). It’s not easy being a 501(c)3, aka non-profit. By their very nature the measuring stick that the rest of the world use to define success has been removed. Therefore, the challenge is to define what cause’s  success will look like and communicating that to the public/target. […]

I think I think I can

“Interview: Jonah Lehrer – Indecisions, Indecisions, Indecisions” by Joshua Weinberger and Jessica Tsai (CRM Magazine, February 2010). Lehrer’s latest book, “How We Decide” explores the more scientific side of decision making (read: making purchases). It seems that we are probably a bit more complex than most sales and marketing formulas give use credit for. That […]

Be careful what you wish to measure for

“Mistaken Metrics” by Lauren McKay (CRM Magazine, October 2009). Please pardon the delay in getting to this one but it has finally bubbled to the top of the to-do pile (on a Saturday morning no less). It is also not exactly lite reading for a weekend but it’s certainly not rocket science either. Grab a […]

Great relationships require trust

“The Cure for the Common Virus” by Jessica Tsai (, October 2009). Wow! Yet another I-wish-I said-that article from Ms. Tsai — especially for those seeking to break their 20th century marketing habits. It’s a holiday week so you’re either quite busy or slowed down to enjoy the moment. Either way let’s skip the usual […]

Today’s word: relationships

“Developing Strong Work Relationships” by Kerry Patterson (, 13 November 2009).This one is as much about the who as it is about the what. “Kerry Patterson is the co-author of three best-sellers: Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations and Influencer. He is also a speaker and consultant, and co-founder of VitalSmarts, which focuses on corporate training and […]

Be careful what you wish to measure

“The Dangers of Bad Data” by Vik Torpunuri (CRM Magazine, 1 Oct 2009) “You Are What You Measure” by Lior Arussy (CRM Magazine, 1 Oct 2009) “Goals Gone Wild” by Stephanie Overby (CIO Magazine, 15 September 2009) No one will deny that setting goals and measuring progress are important. What’s even more important is setting […]

Bees or flies? – Part 2

Time for a little bit of shameless self-promotion… The original post dates back to June or so. This letter was printed in the September of issue of CRM Magazine (online: Unfortunately, CRM did not post the letters of the September issue on their web site. As you know, they have done so in the […]

Change will never change

“Survival of the Relatively More Fit” by Denis Pombriant (CRM Magazine, Sept 2009). These are evolutionary times and not just for CRM.  Read it and reap.

More building blocks

This is a follow up of moderate commitment (i.e., it’s not quick) to yesterday’s post on online communities / social networks. All of these were sourced from CRM Magazine (, which always comes highly recommended. “The 7 Benefits of Online Customer Service Communities” by Christopher Musico —A new Forrester Research report highlights the return on […]

Just one step at a time

“Simplementation: 10 Tips to Smooth Your CRM Initiative” by Lauren McKay (CRM Magazine, July 2009). Hold onto your mouse, we’re about to hit the highlights… 1. Do Your Homework — …the front end is about 30 to 45 days of fully understanding what the business needs are, what the strategy is, and what you want […]

Bees or flies?

“Search Engineering” by Jessica Tsai (CRM Magazine, July 2009). Beautiful. The theory is, why chase customers when they can find you? Yes, when done right it can work quite well. Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and online marketing in general continue to be hot topics. Ms. Tsai does the subject matter justice. […]

The more things change, the more they stay the same

“The Psychology of the Sale” by Marshall Lager (CRM Magazine, May 2009).  No matter how you cut it, we are all in sales. Whether it’s getting someone to buy our product or service, or getting the kids to buy into the idea of cleaning up after themselves, it’s sales.  A sale is establishing a relationship […]

M is for Marketing. M is for Moses.

“The Boomer Boom” by Christopher Musico (CRM Magazine, November 2008) comes this handy sidebar that somehow missed getting posted. The article is on “boomers” but the concepts of these ten are sound for all and deserved to be repeated and relayed – even if it is six months later. 10 Marketer Commandments When it comes […]

Service is in the eye of the beholder – Part 1

A quick follow up to the letter submitted to CRM Mag as inspired by “Self-Service Is Just Less-Than-Full Service” by Lior Arussy. Good news! The editors decided it was worthy of their print version, as well as posting it on their web site.  To read it please click here.

Burger… medium rare… cheddar… bacon on the side…

CRM Magazine ( posted another inspiring piece by Lior Arussy titled “Self-Service Is Just Less-Than-Full Service” (October 2008). Using the direct line we have to the big dogs at CRM Mag I plopped the email below on Josh Weinberger (Managing Editor). Yes, another inspiring piece from Lior Arussy, thanks. From my perspective the right answer […]

Service is in the eye of the beholder

“Self-Service Is Just Less-Than-Full Service” by Lior Arussy (CRM Magazine, Dec 2008, This article innspired this letter to Mr. Josh Weinberger & Co. over at CRM Mag: Yes, another inspiring piece from Lior Arussy, thanks. From my perspective the right answer is a bit more grey than it is black & white. First, the […]

From “Ah ha!” to “Oh no!”

“Evolution from Without” by Denis Pombriant (CRM Magazine, Sept 2008) “Data: A Flashlight to Sales Innovation” by Lareina Yee, Tom Stephenson, Eric Kutcher (CRM Magazine, Sept 2008) Get the ideas, and then figure out ways to see if they work.  But don’t stop there because yesterday’s “ah ha!” is tomorrow’s “oh no!”

It’s The Excellence and The Guest Experience, Stupid! – Part 2

With regards to the previous post about my letter published in CRM Magazine, I forgot to mention a couple NY Times ( articles that seem to help to answer my, “Why?” question. They are both by Janet Rae-Dupree. “Bright Ideas: Innovative Minds Don’t Think Alike” (30 December 2007). “Unboxed: If You’re Open To Growth, You […]