Content? Or production & distribution?

“Are We Ready to Play With Pay? The Content Value Reproposition” by Steve Smith (EContent Magazine, April 2010). As the internet allowed islands of content to drift together, the cost of being an info consuming traveler¬† fell, drastically. Aside from the benefit of no more dead trees, it doesn’t get any cheaper than free, does […]

Lessons in community building love

“If You Build It, Will They Come?” by Angela Connor (EContent Magazine, September 2009). This article is an excerpt from Ms. Connor’s book “18 Rules of Community Engagement”. First, let’s hit some of the pull quote highlights. Then we’ll finish with some AU commentary. We are living in the conversation age, where one-way communication is […]

Less news isn’t bad news

Time for some shameless self-promotion… “News Unfit for Print” by Michelle Manafy (EContent Magazine, May 2009). The article dates back to May but what’s new is that EContect printed an AU submitted letter. Please take a moment to read what we thought and they printed. Ironically, EContent does not post printed letters on their web […]

Food for content thought. Or is it content for food thought?

“The Triangle of Content Success” By Jaka Lindic (eContent Magazine, May 2009).¬† eContent is a new addition to our reading meals and thus far the bit of extra time invested has paid back two or three fold. Like fine dining for the mind. Mr. Lindic’s article doesn’t answer many questions but it’s purpose is to […]