Look good. Feel good.

Design matters. Why? Because it is one of the first things to effect The Guest Experience. It establishes the tone of the on going relationship. Whether it’s your store, your club, your restaurant or your web site, these impressions matter. If you have any doubts about the value of investing in good design, and thus […]

Sometimes big risks are worth taking

“Leadership Skills Critical Now for Club Executives” by Ed Tock (FitnessBusiness.com, 1 July 2009). Please pardon the delay in getting around to this. As usual Mr. Tock’s thoughts are well worth the wait. These are challenging times for all of us. Some will rise and some will fall. How you lead, whether it’s others or […]

Broaden your vision

“Minimize Cancellations And Grow the Bottom Line” by Karen Woodard-Chavez (Fitness Business Pro Magazine, April 2009). Ms. Woodard-Chavez makes a number of good points. She must be commended for her guestcentric approach. To her list we would like to add a few things that didn’t make it into her must-read one-pager: 1) Analyze the triggers  […]

Keep your promises

“Fear and Loathing Doesn’t Cut It” by editor Pamela Kufahl  (Fitness Business Pro Magazine, May 2009). Written food for thought and inspiration. Unfortunately, FBP requires opening an account. For this short article by Ms. Kufahl we’ll spare you the effort. Fear is spreading across the country these days. A late February poll from CNN and […]

Death, taxes and the internet

“Members Want More With Faster-Paced Technology” By Gregory Florez (Fitness Business Pro Magazine, Dec 2008, FitnessBusinesspro.com). Kudos to Mr Floroz! He gets it!! And he’s willing to share it!!! This brief article is jam packed with strokes of pull quote genius but let’s serve up this teaser: Regardless of your philosophical leanings on this subject, […]