Think big but communicate small

“O’Reilly Insights: The Importance Of What You Say” by Scott Berkun (, 15 December 2009). A friendly but necessary reminder in the vein of Chip Heath & Dan Heath’s “Made To Stick” (Random House). Of course the idea is important, but if it can’t be communicated such that others can understand it then it’s no […]

Common sense-anomics

“On My Mind: Measuring Good-Cause Effects” by Raymond Fisman (Forbes, 10 December 2009). As the holidays get closer and resolutions are being made for 2010, doing well by doing good is probably on quite a few to-do lists. If that sounds like you, then give Mr. Fisman a few minutes of your time, please. Now […]

The truth about Apple

“Apple The Outlier” by Rich Karlgaard (, 21 October 2009). In response to Mr. Kalgaard’s blog post the following comment (below) was submitted. Maybe you’ll find it entertaining, so it’s also being shared here. While I didn’t read every comment in detail, with all due respect, I think the essential point has been missed… When […]

Dude, where are my files?

“Digital Tools: Forget Disruption. Dive Deep Instead” by Lee Gomes (Forbes Magazine, 2 November 02, 2009). True, there are a number of solutions similar for DropBox ( On the other hand, there’s something to be said for being vetted by Forbes and Mr. Gomes. As Lee mentioned, simplicity can be a beautiful thing. A free […]

Chocolate & wine

“Sweet Talker” by Nicole Perloth (Forbes Magazine, 24 June 2009). We hope to be partnering with an organization in a semi-similar space and want to share this short & sweet (pun intended) kiss of inspiration. Also, we also bumped into another article on Wine Library TV’s Gary Vee. “GaryVee Uncorked: Wine Library TV’s Gary Vaynerchuk” […]

Someday your computer might sing, “If I only had a brain…”

“When Computers Are Not Really ‘Brains’” by Lee Gomes (Forbes Magazine, 11 May 2009). Just something “fun” to ponder in your free time.

Let there be growth, and there was growth

“Thriving in the Downturn” Edited by Brett Nelson (Forbes Magazine, 13 April 13 2009) is actually a collection of six articles on six small business that are still going strong.  The common themes: they all seem to love what they do; they have niche and they’re well known (via word of mouth) within that niche; […]

Commit this story to your vision

“Wings Like Eagles” by Rich Karlgaard (Forbes, 13 April 2009. Note: You’ll have to scroll down a bit to get to this part of Mr. Karlgaard’s “Digital Rules” column.  While mentioning / reviewing a new book on the battle of Britain (“With Wings Like Eagles” by Michael Korda, Harper, $25.99) Rich says: The British managed […]

It’s not what you say, it’s what they see

“Watch Your Body Language” by Anita Raghavan (Forbes Magazine, 16 March 16 2009). There’s little doubt we’re all looking for tools that will give us an advantage when we’re on the business pitch. Your body language might just be the key to that next essential negotiation. It’s difficult to agree with Luntz’s, “it’s not what […]