Lessons Learned from The World Cup 2014

I believe that football / futbol / soccer is much like life itself. You’re not always moving forward to reach the goal. Sometimes you’re on the defensive. Sometime things are slow, sometimes fast. Sometimes what looks like bad news suddenly turns good. It challenges both the body and the mind. In short, football is fluid. It’s like a chess match. A thinking man’s / woman’s sport. A creative man’s / woman’s sport.

Revenue? Profits? No! It’s about the Guests – Part 2

This post is a quick follow up to a post from a couple weeks ago. Long story short, after submitting a question to Mr. Fuerstman via Montage Hotels and Resorts web site (www.MontageLagunaBeach.com) I received a phone call from the Director of Communication on behalf of Mr. Fuerstman. Yes that’s right, someone in management there […]

You say “Blink.” I say, “Sway.” “Blink.” “Sway.” “Blink.” “Sway.”

Grab your morning coffee and lead yourself to Marci Alboher’s “The Tyranny Of First Impressions” in the Sunday Times. Without actually reading “Sway” it’s premature to draw any conclusions but it certainly¬† seems that this book is a twist on Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink”. Or maybe at least the other side of the coin such that […]