Toes touches and jumping jacks

“The future is a gimmick” by David Weinberger (KM World, 1 Jan 1 2010). The parties are over and it’s back to reality – cold, non-stop reality. But let’s not be foolish and try to break into a full sprint from a dead stop. It’s always smart to loosen up a bit. As you sip […]

Jam on it

Start here: “Building a collaboration strategy” by Rob Koplowitz (, 28 October 2009). And you’ll be glad you ended up here: “Wiki tools are not all the same” by Tony Byrne (, 28 October 2009). The power to simplicity ratio of wikis is amazing. When it comes to true collaboration on a project a wiki […]

Survival of the capable

“Interview: Andrew McAfee — Writing the book on Enterprise 2.0″ by Hugh McKellar (, September 2009). The book might not be due until December (from Harvard Business School Press) but this interview should help you to warm up to Mr. McAfee’s ideas now. Here’s a free sample: HM: So, you’re quite confident that the Enterprise […]

Trading your privacy for Google freebies

Goggle this… Goggle that… Google. Google. Google. There is no doubt the new evil empire has a lot to offer. Here are two thorough articles to help you slash your way through the Goggle jungle. But be warned, you could end up traversing down a link to link to link blackhole. “Learning about Google via […]

If it’s so easy why isn’t everyone doing it?

What is “it”? “It” is innovation. Why do we care? Because alchemy is AU’s take on innovation. Let’s cut right to the chase: 1) Innovation for many people is a nebulous concept. Yes, so is love but no one is writing poems or pop songs that help us share and define the collective experience of […]