Burger… medium rare… cheddar… bacon on the side…

CRM Magazine (www.DestinationCRM.com) posted another inspiring piece by Lior Arussy titled “Self-Service Is Just Less-Than-Full Service” (October 2008). Using the direct line we have to the big dogs at CRM Mag I plopped the email below on Josh Weinberger (Managing Editor). Yes, another inspiring piece from Lior Arussy, thanks. From my perspective the right answer […]

It’s The Excellence and The Guest Experience, Stupid! – Part 1

It’s so nice to be appreciated and acknowledged by those in your field/area of interest, isn’t it? After reading a couple great articles in CRM Magazine (www.DestinationCRM.com) I wrote in to provide some additional AU insights. The editors in turn decided to merge the two letters and publish them in their print version (July/August 2008 […]