Betting the Farm on Natural and Organic Foods

“Zen Management Makes Millions” by Lee Lusardi Connor (, 1 February 2011). Truth be told, I still do quite a bit of reading offline. I imagine my brain has been trained to consume more comfortably and completely when I’m not always nose to screen. Admittedly,¬† I struggle with my lack of green-ness in this area. […]

Social networking is only a means

“Interview: John Jantsch – 5 Minutes with…” by: Daria Meoli (NY Enterprise Report, 19 April 2010). You know John, author of Duct Tape marketing, as well as his new book The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself. Good stuff, right? Well, if you read and retain one thing this week then this paragraph […]

Survey sez…

“Want to Know How to Market Better? Just Ask” by Eric Groves (The New York Enterprise Report, February 2010). First of all, kudos to Eric for fighting the good fight and making the right recommendation. That is, just ask (the customer). It often seems that too many “experts” are so self-absorbed with selling their one-size-fits-all […]

“No” is not an option

“Think Beyond Your Means” by Robert S. Levin – Editor-in-chief (The New York Report Magazine, 23 December 2009). For one reason or another it’s been somewhat slow starting this year in finding material to blog about. Not to worry, Mr. Robert S. Levin uncorks another bottle of bubbly inspiration. This was his Letter-from-the-editor in the […]

Stop selling (and find out what they’re buying)

“Rouse Your Silent Prospects” by Steve Bookbinder (New York Enterprise Report magazine, November 2009). Pardon the rush job but given this morning’s time constraints the focus will be to stick to the highlights. First, the sub-headline of this one is: How to craft emails and voice mails that will get a response. Pull quotes: There […]

Multitasking is overrated

“Staying Productive in the Information Age” by Sharon Lowenheim (New York Enterprise Report magazine, November 2009). We are all trying to do more with less. More and more work with less time and less budget to do it. Quality, value and efficiency continue to be the mantras of the moment. Doing it all might not […]

The theory and the practice

“5 Minutes With… Jack Daly” by Daria Meoli (New York Enterprise Report) In theory Mr. Daly makes some good points, multitasking management and sales roles isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. On the other hand anyone who has been an SMB owner understands that what Mr. Daly proposes isn’t that cut and dry. So […]

The beautiful game of business

“Are You Holding Your Business Back? 5 quick tips to overcome your mental barriers.” by Joe Nunziata (The New York Enterprise Report, Sept 2009). Alright, let’s get this week started off right. Mr. Nunziata offers a fairly good pep talk. Somewhat clinical but ultimately he gets the job done. Naturally, there seem to be a […]

The pen is mightier than the mountain

“Reaching New Heights: Leadership Lessons I Learned Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro” by Yacov Wrocherinsky (The New York Enterprise Report, June 2009) Entertaining, interesting and most of all insightful, Mr. Wrocherinsky relates his climb up the mighty Kilimanjaro to his experience as founded and CEO of Infinity Info Systems ( Spend a few moment to soak in […]

Even free has a price

“Levin’s Law On Cheap and Easy Marketing Mediums” by Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Robert Levin (The New York Enterprise Report, June 2009). Once again Mr. Levin uses his From The Editor address to deliver an optimal amount of wisdom in less than a full printed page. No one is too busy to consume such an amount […]

Let’s talk about the solutions

The latest issue (May 2009) of The New York Enterprise Report ( is bursting with must-reads. Below are the highlights with an essential pull quote from each, as well as a few caveats. Enjoy! Pass it on… “Marketing Matters More Than Ever” by Robert S. Levin The reality is that marketing is on the back […]

Stop whining and start wining

“Wine Online” by Daria Meoli (New York Enterprise Report Magazine, April 2009, There is one word for the story of NJ liquor store owner Gary Vaynerchuk and his $50m per year (and growing) Wine Library… OMG. Conclusion: It’s not who you know. It’s not how many people you know. It’s not even what you […]

$1,000 and a dream

“5 Minutes With… Barbara Corcoran” as well as “5 More Minutes With. . . Barbara Corcoran” by Daria Meoli (The New York Enterprise Report, April 2009, A two part interview – because we can all use a little more inspriation. The bit about her experiment with¬† “Hot Homes On Tape” is a particularly interesting […]

Generation Ecko

“The It Factor – Interview with Marc Ecko” by with NY Report Editor-in-Chief Rob Levin (New York Enterprise Report Magazine, December 2008). From college drop out to international brand icon and still going strong. Entertaining as well as enlightening. Read on.