Esther Dyson, she’s the man

“Esther Dyson: The Thought Leader Interview” by Art Kleiner (Strategy + Business Mag, Summer 2009). Few have seen and participated in the tech sector as Ms. Dyson has. This interview is a invigorating snapshot of where she thinks we might be headed. This interview as well as “The Trouble With Brands” are a one-two punch […]

And the bubble burst

“The Trouble with Brands” by John Gerzema and Ed Lebar (Strategy + Business Mag, Summer 2009). Two words… Must read! Please excuse the S+B registration process but their content is often well worth the couple of key strokes.  Once you’re in, you’re in.

The guest expects more than a “just a web site” experience

“The Promise of Private-label Media” by Matthew Egol, Leslie H. Moeller and Christopher Vollmer (Strategy + Business, Summer 2009). As found in the latest print issue – not yet available online. Here’s a summary of the take aways: – The days of “just a web site” are over. – While the article doesn’t address it, […]

So much to read so little time

“Digital Darwinism” by Christopher Vollmer (Strategy + Business, Spring 2009) “Measuring Your Way to Market Insight” by Leslie H. Moeller and Edward C. Landry (Strategy + Business, Spring 2009) Pour yourself another cup of coffee because Booz & Company’s S + B is supplying plenty of sweet reading. While worth every word “Digital Darwinism” is […]

Learning lessons from a master

The House The Ogilvy Built by Kenneth Roman (Strategy + Business, Spring 2009) Great article! Not only was the advertising icon David Ogilvy a brilliant ad man, but his ideas on management were just as far reaching. Don’t miss this one.

The real e-proof is in the real e-details – Part 2

“Web Sales with a Human Touch” by Edward H Baker is in the latest issue of Strategy+Business ( The post about the letter in was back in November. Here is what they printed. Go AU! Regarding your article “Web Sales with a Human Touch” (by Edward H. Baker, Autumn 2008), is it really the technology […]

The real e-proof is in the real e-details

“Web Sales with a Human Touch” by Edward H Baker is in the latest issue of Strategy+Business ( talks about Sales Next, a product/service from 24/7 Customer ( that aims to make a science out of customer support & sales web chat. Very interesting stuff, eh? However, as one would expect, there are some questions […]