Website launch: TANAHome.comCongratulation to owner Tiffany Brigante on the launch of her new & improved website

Full disclosure: The TANAHome project came to AU via Meridith Feldman and Skylographic Design ( SD created the design, AU executed the web development.

Highlights of Phase 1

—The TANA site is built on the open-source CMS platform WordPress. All content can be managed and updated by Tiffany.

—By re-appropriating the native WordPress functionality the TANA portfolio is easier for her clients and prospects to browse. TANA can assign a given portfolio project to more than one area of expertise. This ability to add-one-use-many lowers her workload and increases her ability to market her areas of expertise.

—The design and the UX (user-experience) are best described as brand appropriate. Not only does the site visually convey Tiffany’s sense of style but its user-friendliness is indicative of what it’s like to do business with TANAHome. As they say, “The medium is the message.”

AU’s Contribution

—Consultation and collaboration on: IA (information architecture), UI (user-interface) and UX (user-experience).

—WordPress development. To expedite the process, the WordPress theme Twenty Eleven was used as a leaping off point. The theme was fully customized—gutted, re-skinned and enhanced—to meet The Guest expectations as well as business needs of TANAHome. The result speaks for itself.

—Additional functionality was added to the website using two of our homegrown WordPress plugins: WP ezSlider and WP ezWidget.

—The TANAHome website is also further enhanced using WP plugins for: SEO, site map generation and scheduled automated back-ups.

—In order to optimize potential SEO benefits, we also consulted Tiffany on various SEO best practices. We expect to see her further develop her SEO awareness as she uses her site to grow her business.

—Naturally, we also installed Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Congratulations Tiffany!

And thank you Meridith for bringing Alchemy United in to participate in developing the TANHome iproperty.

Yes! Yes!!!!!

ConsciousWellness — ConsciousWellness.netYes! Yes!! The new & improved Conscious Wellness web site has launched (


— Friendly but thorough and easy to use site is a perfect match for the CW brand.

— Blog enables Beth to easily share with and engage the CW audience.

— Simple email sign-up form is featured on every page.

— Staying connected with CW via all the usual social networks is also given priority.

— All content is maintain by the client (with minimal expertise necessary).

AU’s Contribution

— Worked closely with the client to define her short term and long term business needs and personal aspirations. Much of the emphasis was on marketing and CW’s participation in the conversation of  a “Web 2.0″ world.

— Advised the client on “The Art of Blogging” including the use and impact of categories, tags, post titles and site content and how those relate to being “guest-centric” as well as  SEO friendly.

— Solution uses the highly respected open source blogging platform WordPress ( Theme is a heavily customized version of Atahualpa by BytesForAll (

— Base WP functionality is supplemented with a number of plugins including (but not limited to): Goggle XML Sitemaps (by Arne Brachhold), MM Forms (by Tom Belmans and Takayuki Miyoshi), SexyBookmarks (by Josh Jones and Norman Yung) and WP-DBManager (by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan).

— Creation and usage of icons gives the site a friendly contemporary look & feel.  (Full disclosure: The CW logo was created by another design outfit.)

— Recommendations on UX / UI, as well as how that might relate to the information provided by Google Analytics.

— HTML, CSS and PHP  enhancement and tweaks.

— Supplied client with numerous links to articles on copy writing.

— Shared various tutorials on WordPress and WordPress plugins.

— AU is currently in the process of customizing and enhancing Kieran O’Shea’s calendar plugin. The new and much improved version of this plugin should be available in the next four to six weeks.

Beth decided to have soft launch (approximately four weeks ago) and thus far the feedback has been positive. In that short time, she has recognized that having a web site she is confident in and that accurately reflects the attributes of her brand is giving birth to previously unrealizable opportunities. Beth is convinced that her RIO from this new site will be significant. Discussion of Phase 2 enhancements will begin in January 2010.